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Mission Statement:

The Town of Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association’s mission is to promote cooperation between the Companies/Departments within the Association and to foster a closer working relationship in order to provide outstanding Fire, EMS and Emergency Services to the residents and businesses within the Towns and Villages we protect
The Hamburg Fire Chief’s Association was formed in the mid to late 1960’s with the official incorporation on February 28, 1973 and the first official constitution, bylaws and mission statement on record in January 1980.
The association is comprised of all active and past chiefs of the member organizations within the Towns of Hamburg with Eden, East Eden and North Boston joining the association in 2008 and 2009.
The association was formed to establish a more unified command structure, coordinated response efforts and to assist in common training for the firefighters within each company under the association. The association has also adopted town wide standard operating guidelines for response, training and tactical operations, providing for safer operations and firefighter safety being first and foremost.
Currently under the auspices of the Association there exist two subordinate specialty organizations (subordinate organizations). These two organizations are known as the Town of “Hamburg Water Rescue Unit” (http://hamburgwaterrescue.com) formed in the summer of 1986, after tragedy struck off the shores of the Hamburg Beach and The South Towns Hazardous Materials Response Team
Both the “Hamburg Water Rescue Unit”, under command of “ Marine 9”, and the “South Towns Haz Mat Team”, under the command of “South towns 209”, are under the direction of the Hamburg Fire Chief’s Association and report directly to the association at each monthly meeting.
Representatives to Erie County, as deputy radio coordinators (D2 and D 2-1), are elected annually and their duties include town wide fire coordination and assisting Incident Command at all larger scale incidents involving mutual aid and multiple resources under a unified command structure.
Additional resources and committees include:
  • Town Wide Air bank systems including a mobile trailer
  • The Hamburg Water Rescue Unit
  • The South Town Hazardous Materials Response Team
  • The Fire Service Enhancement Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • EMS Committee
  • Fire Police Committee
The regular meetings of the association are held on the last Monday of each month (Exception: September meeting held on the 3rd Monday) on a rotating basis at member organization fire departments.

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