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Recruitment Division

Seeing the dwindling numbers of volunteer firefighters and greater time constraints set on existing firefighters and their home departments throughout the town of Hamburg, a proposal was brought before the Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association to form a town wide recruitment division.
The proposal:
  • To form a town wide division comprised of two members of each fire department under the Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association, to be appointed by the home company chief or president.
  • To develop strategies and plans to recruit new members throughout the town.
  • Meet on a monthly basis to discuss our strengths and weaknesses of current recruitment throughout the town.
  • To build on the strengths andeliminate our weaknesses
  • To hold recruitment details on a monthly basis throughout the town.
  • Pursue possible funding for town wide details and equipment for details.
  •  Develop a town wide universal application for the fire service
  • Develop visual aids to help promote recruitment and retention within the town
  • Purchase equipment to be used on a regular basis for details.
  • Set up a town wide recruitment “Hot Line” phone line
  • Report directly to the chiefs association at their monthly meetings in regards to previous meetings and future details planned throughout the town.
 How this proposal helps the membership companies of the Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association:
  • Allows all fire companies within the town to share the time burden of recruitment with all companies. 
  •  Allows the town companies to be out in the public eye in a different light
  • Allows for great Public relations throughout the town
  • Allows for greater numbers of new recruits
  • Allows the fire chief of each company to focus his time on other important tasks within his home department and leave the recruitment to the committee
The Chiefs Association overwhelmingly accepted this proposal and Ron Klimowicz, then Chief of the Big Tree Fire Company and who proposed the plan to the association, volunteered to chair the division and was appointed chairman of the newly formed Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association Recruitment Division. Mary Best from the Scranton Fire Company was appointed Co-chairman.
The Hamburg Fire Chiefs Association Recruitment Division is responsible for the recruitment of over 50 new firefighters throughout the Town of Hamburg since it inception in 2009 and looks forward to recruiting many more in the future.
Multiple recruitment details are held yearly across the town of Hamburg and applications are accepted from all possible recruits, regardless of where they live. Potential recruits that may not able to join a Town of Hamburg fire company, due to residency restrictions, are asked to fill out an application and these applications are turned over to the appropriate fire chief of town or district in which they live or may e able to join. Over 100 received applications have been dispersed to surrounding communities for potential new members.


A quick application is available below that you can print out and return to the following address: 

HFC Application

C/O Recruitment committee

6100 South Park Avenue

Hamburg New York 14075


You can call the recruitment hot line and leave a message

649-6111  ext. 2848

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