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 Town of Hamburg

Public Safety Dispatch Center

" Hamburg Fire Control "

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The Town of Hamburg Public Safety Dispatch Center (Hamburg Fire Control) provides dispatching services to many agencies in the South Towns of Erie County, New York. The primary agencies served are the Police, Fire and EMS units within the Town of Hamburg and the Villages of Blasdell and Hamburg. The South Towns Hazmat Team and the Town of Hamburg Water Rescue Unit are also dispatched through this agency. Hamburg Fire Control is also contracted to Dispatch Fire and EMS Units for the Towns of Boston, Colden and Eden.
Hamburg Fire Control also answers all landline 911 calls from the New York State Thruway rest areas (land lines only) throughout Erie County, is the contact point for the Dog Control Officers in the Town of Hamburg and is the after hours contact point for many Town Agencies, including the Buildings and Grounds and the Town Highway Department.
In the event of an Emergency
ALWAYS dial 911
What constitutes an Emergency
 When life or property is in imminent danger
A crime is in progress, such as a larceny, domestic incident, assault, etc
Non Emergencies or Questions
648-5111 extension  "0".
Vandalism, loud music complaint, keys locked in a vehicle without a child locked inside
Citizen needs assistance from a Town department other than Police, Fire or EMS
Call 649-6111 and follow the menu.

Utility Problems
Utility outages with no danger
·        PLEASE do not call 911, or the Non Emergency number.
·         Please call your responsible utility.
·        We do not have the reason the utility is down or out and will not know when it will be restored.
Emergency Contact numbers for the area utilities

·        National Grid 1-800-892-2345
·        New York State Electric & Gas 1-800-572-1131
·        National Fuel Gas 1-800-444-3130
·        Verizon 1-800-837-4966
·        Time Warner Cable 1-866-668-6044
What to expect when calling for assistance
When you call the Town of Hamburg Public Safety Dispatch for assistance, a Dispatcher will be asking you pertinent questions regarding your problem. In an effort to dispatch the right type of assistance to you, please listen to the questions the Dispatcher is asking.
1)     Where is the problem occurring
2)      What is the problem
3)     When did the problem occur or is it in progress
4)     You may be asked if there are any life hazards or hazards such as weapons involved or physical descriptions of subjects involved.
5)     PLEASE cooperate with the Dispatcher, this will ensure the quickest dispatch of help to your location.
6)     The Dispatcher will also ask for your name, address and phone number in case the responding help has questions and we need to get back in contact with you
7)      If you are calling for an Ambulance, we provide Emergency Medical Dispatch and you will be asked scripted questions that are pertinent to your complaint. Your answers will allow us to dispatch the correct equipment for your emergency
PLEASE understand that while one Dispatcher is asking you these questions, the Ambulance is being dispatched.
Using your cellular phone to dial 911
Important !
Know the location of your emergency !
  • If you use your cellular phone to dial 911, you will be connected with Buffalo 911.
  • You will be asked the location of the emergency
  • You will then be transferred to the appropriate public safety dispatch office for the area of the emergency
  • Please understand that due to call volume, you may be put on HOLD.

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